5 Tips for Holding an Unforgettable Corporate Event in Michigan

Hosting corporate events in Michigan does not have to feel daunting, stressful, or overwhelming — even if you are new to the role as a business owner, entrepreneur, or a business manager. Once you are familiar with all that Michigan has to offer and you are also familiar with the employees and staff you are working with, planning a spectacular corporate event in Michigan will become easier than ever.

Get Employee Buy-In

Before planning any corporate events in Michigan, it is highly advisable to hold a meeting to speak directly to your current staff about their own ideas and input regarding an upcoming event you have in mind. Asking your employees and team members directly about their ideas and thoughts on corporate events can help you to prevent planning an event that is underwhelming or simply unwanted by those who work for you. Allowing your employees to share their thoughts and to provide input on the upcoming corporate event is also a great way to get to know more about your staff and team while also providing them with more input in the planning process altogether.

Consider Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Michigan is often voted as one of the most beautiful states throughout the country, and has even landed itself as one of the most beautiful locations in the world. As residents of Michigan experience all four seasons, it is important to consider both indoor and outdoor activities that might work for your employees and team members when planning an upcoming corporate event. Some outdoor ideas you might consider in the state of Michigan depending on the current season.

Planning an outdoor company picnic, a company picnic provides you with the opportunity to spend time in nature while relaxing, mingling, and getting to know more about your employees in a relaxed and comfortable environment. 

Visiting an Art or State Fair — Michigan is known for its plenty of fairs, from the Michigan State Fair to the Michigan Cherry Festival. Consider a corporate outing event to a local art or county fair with your employees. 

Spending Time in the City — Whether you are located near Ann Arbor, Lansing, or Detroit, Michigan’s big cities and metropolitan areas have plenty to offer. Visit downtown Lansing to check out the state’s capital, or head to Ann Arbor for delicious food and bubble tea. If you are near Detroit, consider visiting one of Detroit’s famous Coney Islands, Lafayette or American. Detroit is also home to the iconic People Mover as well as the newly developed Q Line, which runs entirely along Woodward Avenue, making travel throughout the city easier and faster than ever.

If your employees prefer to spend time indoors with one another, or if the weather does not currently permit, consider the following indoor corporate event ideas. 

Icebreaking Challenges — Hold regular icebreaking challenges with your employees during meetings or conferences to help them get to know one another better. 

Team Challenges — Consider hosting team challenges between various or random groups of your employees to encourage them to work with one another in a positive and productive manner. 

Potluck events — Allow individuals to get to know one another while sharing their favorite foods, drinks, and recipes. 

Cocktail mixer — This provides free alcohol to employees, especially once they have achieved a milestone or accomplished a recent project which has resulted in an increase in revenue or the retention of a new client.

Casino Game Rentals

Do your employees love visiting one of the many popular casinos throughout Michigan? Do they enjoy spending time in the MGM, Motor City, or Greektown casino in downtown Detroit? If your staff loves casino-like games, consider working with a casino game rental company to set up your very own lifelike corporate casino. Setting up a casino of your own for a corporate event is a great way to encourage your employees to get to know one another as they mingle and play classic casino games such as poker, Blackjack, and even craps. 

Working with a casino game rental company is a great way to choose which games are optimal for your employees based on their own personal preferences. Using a lifelike corporate casino event is also a great way to provide employees with incentives to attend your events, such as rewarding them with tickets, paid time off, or even cash prizes to encourage additional engagement and participation.

Host Your Own Corporate Carnival

Hosting a corporate carnival is another way to encourage employees to attend corporate events, especially when there are games and prizes readily available for your staff. Hosting a carnival can be done by setting up your own games indoors or by working with a carnival service or business near you that caters to corporate events in Michigan. This is also an event that your business could include your employee’s family enabling you to learn the other side of your employee’s life.

Consider Team Building Events

Consider embarking on a team building exercise with your employees, especially if you currently have a small staff working for you. If you have a smaller staff, intimate team building exercises and local events can help your employees to connect with one another as they build trust and loyalty. Local team building events and corporate team-building exercises can be done by working with a third-party or by implementing a variety of exercises and activities into your workplace’s daily routine.

Whether you’ve lived in Michigan throughout your entire life or if you are new to the area, the state itself has much to offer for just about any type of corporate event or outing you have in mind. With a bit of research and a good understanding of your team, planning corporate events in Michigan can easily achieve a positive outcome that strengthens your business.

Author: Luis Barnes