7 Neat Ideas for Your Next Company Retreat

A company retreat is more than just having fun as a group. This is a rare opportunity for employees to come together, get to know each other, and relax without feeling confined to the professional setup of an office. Corporate events can take any form, including sports, parties, team building, or a charity event. The main aim is to promote teamwork, love, and improving the morale of the employees. Planning a killer corporate event in Detroit requires a lot of creativity and proper preparation. Having a plan ahead of time can help make this easy. So, if you’re planning such an event for your company this summer, here are some ideas to put into consideration.

Office Olympics

This is a sort of event that pits employees against each other in different kinds of sports games. This event can take various forms, including athletes, volleyball along the beach, baseball match, kayaking on the lake, etc. Everyone knows how playing in the water or near a water body is rejuvenating during summer. Engaging in physical and competitive activities is an excellent way to bring a group of people together while having fun and laughing together. These Olympics provide a nice way to relax and enjoy life away from the pressures that office setup brings. This is something that a conference table cannot do because of the professional air that surrounds such meetings.

Cook Together

Forget about the physical activities or the boozing at parties and think about cooking and eating together as a team. You can do this as a competition or just a team culinary event where everybody participates in some form of cooking activities. You sit down as a group and enjoy the delicacies. A tasty treat that brings people together to have fun is some roasted meat. Alternatively, let individuals compete against each other by cooking the foods they fancy, then come together as a team and rate the cooking through voting. A team or an individual with the best vote wins.


This is a popular retreat game idea that has been played for decades. Despite this, it’s still fun and enjoyable for both the participants and the onlookers. This activity provides a good way for a team to bond and tackle hurdles together. A little tough competition will never hurt the body. You can divide yourselves into teams and compete in these activities that not only provide a lot of fun but also act as a form of group exercise and a way of relaxing the brain. Other activities like tug-of-war include a scavenger hunt, orienteering, and paintballing. Whatever game you choose, ensure everyone is participating and having fun.

Casino-Themed Party

Throwing a party for the office staff is also a nice idea. Choosing a theme for such an event is as easy as choosing a casino theme for the party. This is a fun and popular theme for casino corporate events thanks to its versatility and ability to fit any standards. Casino themed corporate events come with a lot of choices and incorporate lots of fun. You can think about the casino theme that best represents the company and its goals. You can bring in some fake money and let people play and compete in a casino-like game. Get a casino rental company to help you out with such an event.

Comedy Event

It is said that laughter increases your days on earth. However, the busy and professional office setup doesn’t give room for this. You’re surrounded with deadlines to meet and tough decisions to make that having fun and laughing together becomes a luxury. What if you find a way for every staff to at least break the jaw? Comedy events are a great way to do this. Don’t think of comedy as only a way to entertain people and make them laugh their lungs out. Comedy is a great way to improve interpersonal and communication skills. Give the team members a chance also to show their comedy skills and laugh together even to the silliest jokes.

Music Event

Chances are you’ve never met a single person who doesn’t love music. Arrange some music night and see how even the shy members of the team come up to the stage and show their great moves. Even that strict boss who seems to have two left feet can surprise you with very creative moves on the stage. If you can spare some extra cash, then you can arrange for a bigger music event and call in some professionals and have fun as a team all night long. Music provides a good way for people to open up and bond with their co-workers. You can also allow them to bring along their friends or spouses and bond together as a huge team in an office party.

Volunteer Events

Another fulfilling retreat idea is to give back to the community as a group. You can organize some volunteer events and touch souls in a great way. You can cook food for the homeless, visit an orphanage, the prisoners, the sick people, or organize a community service such as cleaning. This is also a nice way to get recognized by the community you operate in and build a friendly working relationship within the surrounding. You can also get individuals within the company to volunteer their specific skills into helping the community. Search for organizations that require your skills such as cooking and volunteer some of the company’s capabilities towards a good course.

There are several ways to organize a company retreat and ensure everyone enjoys themselves and create bonding among the co-workers. This should not only be about the company’s productivity but also a way to motivate the employees and show them that they are an important part of the organization. A good idea will be to sit down as a team and organize a corporate party together. Have everyone give their input about their favorite activities, retreat destinations, among other things that they would like done during the event. Involving people in the planning is an excellent way to get them to open up and look forward to the D-day.

Author: Luis Barnes