5 Reasons to Have a Casino Party

Whether you favor Blackjack or Texas Hold ‘Em, there’s something truly special about the high-rolling energy of a casino. When you want to experience the thrill of gaming but don’t want to risk losing big, host your own casino night. Professional dealers and casino theme party rentals work to elevate the experience to feel like you’ve been transported to the Vegas strip. 

With so many creative ways to incorporate the theme, casino parties are ideal for a variety of different celebrations. Looking for an excuse to host a casino night? Check out these five great reasons to make casino games part of your next event. 

1. Raise Money

A casino-themed fundraiser is a wonderful way to raise the money your organization or charitable group needs. You will find that it is an excellent excuse for everyone to dress up and enjoy themselves—drawing in more guests. Rent equipment such as poker, blackjack, and roulette tables for a realistic casino effect. Hire professionals to run the games or ask for volunteers to keep your expenses low. 

Incorporate live entertainment, a catered dinner, and live and silent auctions as well. This will help create the mood of an actual casino. Advertise and sell tickets to help bring in additional funds and cover your expenses. Don’t be afraid to set the cost high. High dollar tickets attract wealthy supporters and gives the event an exclusive feel.

2. Celebrate a Birthday

A casino-themed birthday party can bring a new twist to the traditional celebration. Unlike a fundraiser, you will want this party to be fun and full of energy—rather than formal and sophisticated. Casino event party planning should include renting slot machines, money wheels, and table games. Choose ones that the guest of honor will be sure to enjoy. Carry out the casino theme by using special decorations and tableware. Instead of sprinkling confetti on all of the guest’s tables, scatter playing cards and dice across the surfaces. Don’t forget the casino-inspired green table coverings. 

Pass out casino-style visors to everyone to help them get into the mood, and use poker chip paper plates for the food and cake. No birthday party is complete without goody bags for guests. Put a casino twist on this tradition by decorating small boxes to look like dice. Fill them with special treats like chocolate poker chips and coins.

3. Party with Your Friends

The next time you need to throw a bachelor or bachelorette party, consider using the casino theme. When planning this type of casino party, you want something a little more adult-oriented. Think about the Vegas strip as you begin your party preparations. This means lots of lights. String Christmas lights everywhere, and make sure many are set to twinkle. Rent gaming tables, money wheels, and slot machines to entertain the guests. 

Serve alcoholic drinks and finger foods with personalized napkins that commemorate the day. Look for additional details to keep the casino theme going, and scatter play money and coins around the guest tables to give the illusion of free-flowing money.

4. Show Employees Appreciation

If you want to be a boss that everyone remembers fondly, choose a casino-themed corporate event to show them your appreciation for their dedication and hard work. Employees need to feel appreciated and have time to relax and blow off steam. The casino setting is perfect for this. Bring in gaming tables and slot machines as the entertainment. You could also hire a DJ to keep things lively. 

Keep in mind that a corporate event needs to be sophisticated enough to uphold your business’s reputation while still being fun for everyone involved. Serve a meal that consists of several finger foods and appetizers so that guests can continue to play games and mingle while eating.

5. Mark a Rite of Passage

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, quinceaneras, and sweet sixteen parties are all celebrated in order to mark a right of passage for young people. They are being shown that they are growing up, and their party should reflect that. What better way to do so than to throw then a casino-themed event? Keep in mind that these kids haven’t been to an actual casino. 

Rent easy-to-enjoy equipment such as slot machines and money wheels. Have people on hand to help explain any gaming tables such as poker or blackjack. Include a photo booth as well. Have props that reflect the Vegas feel. Large, Vegas-style headdresses and poker visors are perfect additions—along with oversized bills and coins.

Whether you are trying to raise money or simply enjoy an evening with your friends, a casino-themed party is fun and exciting for everyone involved. Use the casino theme to celebrate your next big occasion. You’ll be glad you did when you see the fun your guests are having.  

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Author: Luis Barnes