5 Card Games to Practice Before Your Next Vegas Trip


When going to Vegas, travelers often think about blackjack. It has been a staple of casinos for a very long time, and it is simple to play either in Vegas or at a casino blackjack table in Michigan. The basic premise of the game is that you are trying to beat the dealer with two cards. The card values are whatever number appears on the card, with face cards equaling 10 points and an ace equaling either one or 11, depending on the need. Earning 21 points is the goal. You can look at your cards and then get more or surrender. If the dealer has an equal amount or more than you at the end of the hand, they win. If not, you win. If you are dealt a pair, you can split them, making two hands which you can bet on independently.

There are a couple of simple tricks to winning at the casino blackjack table. Never hit when you already have 17. The likelihood of going over 21 is too great at this point. Always split aces and never split 10s. This will set you up for a higher likelihood of winning, based on the cards. There are other tips and tricks all over the internet, and learning them can help lead you to success, whether in Vegas or Michigan.


Not all casinos offer basic poker, so Vegas is a great place to get in on that action. Poker is a game based on five-card hands that can be used in different combinations. Each player is dealt a hand and can elect to discard and redraw up to four others if they do not like their hand. The goal is to get the highest hands possible. There are many different hands in poker. Players are looking to match the same number as many times as possible, resulting in a pair, three-of-a-kind, or four-of-a-kind. They can also look for a straight, which is five cards in a row. Flushes are also great, which result when the player accrues five cards of the same suit. The best hand is a royal flush, which is having the ace, king, queen, jack and 10 in the same suit. Other straight flushes are also high-scoring hands.

Because bluffing, or secretly overstating your hand, is a large part of poker, it is important to follow some rules about how to look at the table. The best players look confident, aggressive and are willing to be patient. The psychological effect is just as important as the cards you are dealt.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is played in a similar way to traditional poker. However, players are dealt seven cards and have to elect how to arrange them in a different way. You have to take two cards to be your “low” hand and the other five to make your “high” hand. The high hand is played like a typical poker hand, with the same hands applying. However, in order to actually play, your high hand must beat your low hand. For instance, if you have a pair of queens as your low hand, your high hand must be better than that.

The strategy in Pai Gow Poker is all about choosing the correct cards. Players can have a very difficult decision to make when choosing which cards to use in the high versus low hand. Because the point is to beat both of the dealer’s hands, both of the player’s hands must be strong enough to play. While there is a lot of luck in this game, as players do not draw back cards, it is critical to study and play this one to find what works best for both hands.

Texas Hold’em

As another game based on poker, Texas Hold’em is a staple of Vegas casinos. In this game, players are dealt two cards that are concealed from other players. The point is to beat the dealer’s hand again. Once everyone has their cards, the dealer will place three cards in the middle. These cards can be used by everyone. Betting will ensue, then a fourth card will be played. After another round of betting, a fifth card, and a final round of betting, the cards are revealed. Whoever has the best five-card hand in poker wins.

The key to Texas Hold’em is knowing when to fold. Watching others bet and knowing if they are bluffing is critical to succeeding in the game. While a basic knowledge of poker hands will enable most people to play the game, the ability to parse out whether or not others will have better hands, along with the likelihood of useful cards coming your way, is paramount to success.

Let It Ride

Finally, another poker-based game that can earn you a lot of cash on your trip to Vegas is Let It Ride. This game is a bit simpler than Texas Hold’em, giving each player three cards and then betting on the two community cards placed by the dealer. With fewer rounds of betting and a quick pace, Let It Ride offers all of the fun and excitement of other poker-based games with a unique twist. Because there are only five cards total that you can work with, you have assurance as to what your hand will be and can bet accordingly instead of wondering how the combination of seven cards will affect other players’ hands.

With this game, it is still important to be confident and aggressive. However, appearing assertive while actually acting conservatively will serve you better in this game. The basic tips in this game are to let it ride if you have a winning hand in your three cards, have three cards that are moderately high straight flush or you have a royal flush with one gap. If you have a high straight with one gap, you should let it ride. Otherwise, you should pull back your bet, which is more effective.

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Author: Luis Barnes